BoneCommons is an ICAZ-sponsored project developed by the Alexandria Archive Institute. Launched in May 2006, BoneCommons facilitates discussion and contact between zooarchaeologists worldwide by offering forums where ICAZ members can post papers, images, teaching resources, questions and comments.

All content on BoneCommons, while owned by the creator of the content, is openly viewable by the general public worldwide. Anyone can search BoneCommons and view its content. Please note that content contributions and comments are moderated, so there is a short delay between submission and posting. BoneCommons moderators reserve the right to reject any content they deem inappropriate for this site.



  • Provide a virtual place where archaeozoologists worldwide can "meet" to share their work, ask questions, announce new developments in the field, and have continuing discussions around member-posed topics.
  • Enhance scholarly communication by enabling richer discussion and peer evaluation of conference presentations. BoneCommons enables conference participants to review presentations and engage in discussions long after the physical meeting is over.
  • Experiment with open access and open licensing to enhance the value of scholaraly communication by making content easier to find, reproduce, share, evaluate, and incorporate into future scholarly works and educational resources.
  • Invite a broader and more diverse community to explore zooarchaeological scholarship via the Internet. Opening access to our work will help zooarchaeologists engage with the public and more widely demonstrate the contributaions and value of archaeological scholarship.



  • Search content shared by zooarchaeologists worldwide
  • Post photos related to the ZOOARCH email list
  • Contribute comments and questions related to posted items
  • Contribute publications to share with colleagues
  • Share teaching materials, such as course syllabi, reading lists, and handouts
  • Contribute conference papers and presentations
  • Post links to papers/publications, websites, or other related online content


Posting an Item:

Many scholars use BoneCommons to post a publication or an image of a specimen that they want to share with the Zooarch email list. To do this, post your item and its description on BoneCommons. Once you receive an email that your item has been approved and is public, you can send an email to the Zooarch list with your question or announcement and the link to your item. If you have multiple images/files to post, send them to the BoneCommons administrator to add to your original post (multiple attachments cannot be accommodated at present by the Contribution form).

Post an item now.


Obtaining Reuse Permissions:

As the original creator of your work, you hold copyright and thus can determine how your work is viewed, shared, and reused. In the case of publications, however, the copyright of your published works often remains with the publisher. Seeking permission to post or share your publications in a public space such as this website is essential.

Most publishers will grant permission for posting of individual articles or book chapters by the author if formally requested via email or writing. Authors can also add a Scholar's Copyright Addendum (available from Science Commons) to a publisher's copyright agreement that clearly state the terms of reuse you are seeking. The document is signed by both you (the author) and the publisher ensuring there is no confusion concerning copyright should questions of infringement arise in the future.


Unless otherwise stated, this content was created by the Alexandria Archive Institute. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

We welcome your comments and are here to help should you have any questions or concerns. Feel free to contact us at bonecommons@alexandriaarchive.org.