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Neotropical Zooarchaeology Working Group (NZWG)

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A number of particularities that characterize the Neotropics—the biogeographic region ranging from southern North America to southern South America and adjacent islands—are relevant to understanding the diversity and evolution of human-animal interactions through time, as well as the resulting archaeofaunal record. The mission of the ICAZ Neotropical Zooarchaeology Working Group (NZWG) is to offer a forum where people from any country can discuss these research problems. This includes issuing a Newsletter (see above), organizing academic meetings and other projects (see below). All interested researchers and students are invited to join.


The forthcoming NZWG Academic Meeting will be held in San José, Uruguay, in November 22nd-24th, 2017, jointly organized with NZWG member Dr. Laura Beovide. We look forward to seeing you there! Please register to receive all the news about it and download the circulars at:


Previous meetings and publications

The NZWG first met at the 2010 ICAZ International Conference in Paris, France. The First Academic Meeting of the ICAZ Neotropical Zooarchaeology Working Group was held in Santiago de Chile on June 1st, 2012. It was a workshop on the issue: “Towards a zooarchaeology of the Neotropics” (view poster).The program and abstracts can be found here. Some of the full papers have been published in a special issue of the journal Etnobiología.


The Second Academic Meeting of the NZWG took place in the context of the 2014 ICAZ International Conference in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina, where a session on Neotropical zooarchaeology was held, along with the second executive meeting of the Working Group. Contributions to this meeting are to be published in a volume edited by Springer. Also, a workshop on camelid osteology and osteometry was held jointly with the South American camelids session organizers at the 2014 ICAZ International Conference. And a workshop on zooarchaeology laboratories was held at the III ELAZ meeting in Aracaju, Brazil, in March 2016.

Other NZWG Projects

Among other NZWG projects, one is being developed along with Alexandria Archive / Open Context to generate an open access Osteometric Database of South American Camelids. Also, a bibliographic database has been compiled on zooarchaeological and taphonomic research in the Neotropical region, searchable under the tag "Neotropical zooarchaeology publication" here on BoneCommons. If you would like to contribute your publications, just email them to us and we will upload them here. A listing of these and other references has been compiled and can be accessed here. In addition, if you host your contributions at other academic portals, we encourage adding the tag "Neotropical zooarchaeology" to them.


To keep all interested parties in touch and spread the news on these meetings and projects, a Newsletter is issued once to twice a year. You can view the current and back issues by following the links at the top of this page.


Please contact us at or any of the NZWG Coordinators individually for more information: Pablo M. Fernández (, Mariana Mondini (, A. Sebastián Muñoz (, and Elizabeth Ramos Roca (


Zooarchaeology of the Roman Period

1st Working Group Meeting:

Husbandry in the Western Roman Empire:

a zooarchaeological perspective

20th -22nd November 2014


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