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ICAZ 2010 Conference

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ICAZ 2010 Conference

Conference Overview

The 11th ICAZ International Conference of ICAZ (International Council for Archaeozoology) took place in Paris from 23 to 28 August 2010.

All papers and posters are listed here on BoneCommons and, where available, links to presentations and/or publications are provided. Click here to access a complete list of posters and oral presentations available for download. 

To see the group photos taken at the conference, go to:

Session 1-1: Archaeozoology of Holocene Africa

Session 1-2: Animals, Plants and New Worlds: from exotic trading to biological invasions, a bioarchaeological approach

Session 1-3: Old world camelids

Session 1-4: New developments in biogeography

Session 1-5: Advances in Neotropical Zooarchaeology

Session 1-6: Palaeoparasitology: advances and potential

Session 1-7: Geometric morphometrics in zooarchaeology : applications and perspectives

Session 2-1: New Approaches to the Secondary Products Revolution

Session 2-2: Animal husbandry across the Iron Age to Roman transition : zooarchaeological evidence

Session 2-3: Empires

Session 2-4: Archaeozoology in a Digital World : New Approaches to Communication and Collaboration

Session 2-5: Animals, and their bones in the modern world (AD 1750-1950)

Session 2-6: Influencing, supporting and maintaining our profession : past, present and future

Session 2-7: Circumpolar archaeozoology in the new and old worlds : arctic hunter-gatherers in context

Session 3-1: Climate Change, Human Response and Zooarchaeology

Session 3-2: Island faunal translocations

Session 3-3: The development and specialisation of dairying practices

Session 3-4: Archaeomalacology: shells in the archaeological record

Session 4-1: Contributions of Archaeozoology in the Study of Human Societies in South, Southeast, and East Asia from the Paleolithic to the Premodern Era

Session 4-2: Mammoth extinction: environmental vs anthropogenic factors

Session 4-3: Hominin subsistence in the Old World during the Pleistocene and Early Holocene

Session 4-4: Cervids and society - Deer in Time and Space

Session 5-1: The biogeochemical study of animal remains : integrating isotopic and trace elements analyses to zooarchaeology

Session 5-2 & 6-3: General session

Session 5-3: Archaeozoology and palaeogenetics: potentials and limits

Session 5-4: Variability in human hunting behavior during Oxygen Isotope Stages (OIS) 4/3 : implications for understanding modern human origins

Session 6-1: Raw and Worked Osseous Materials

Session 6-2: Grounding social zooarchaeology : bringing methodology to bear on social questions

Session 7-1: New perspectives on taphonomy

Session 7-2: The animal in funerary practices

Session 7-3: Archaeozoology in Central and Eastern Europe


ICAZ 2010 committee