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Zooarchaeology of the Roman Period

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Zooarchaeology of the Roman Period

1st Working Group Meeting:

Husbandry in the Western Roman Empire:

a zooarchaeological perspective

20th -22nd November 2014


1st Working Group Meeting, 20-22 Nov. 2014

Husbandry reflects cultural and economic choices related to human societies. In Iron Age Western Europe –including North Africa- there is a diversity of complex urban societies that develop from circa 800BC and are integrated in the Roman Empire. How were different local cultures affected by the conquest? How the economic and social changes do reflect on husbandry strategies and food consumption practices? Can we find any common elements that affected the Roman period as a whole, or was the geographic and cultural diversity so great that each region tells its own independent story?

This first meeting is articulated on a geographical basis, in order to get a general perspective of the changes (and continuities) in husbandry in Western Europe related to the settlement of the Roman Empire. It is intended that the second meeting will focus on the Eastern Empire or in any other subject to be decided by the components of the Working Group. 

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