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I found this in while collecting seashells at Myrtle Beach.

A marine mammal bone found on the foreshore in Brittany (Côtes-d'Armor, France).

I first thought wild feline. Anyone know? Found in my woods, mideastern, Michigan.

Seeking possible cause/s

An unidentified find to be posted to the zooarch list

I was sent this by a colleague working in Israel. I have not seen them in person. Any ideas what they are?

Anyone know what type of bone this is?

I found this from a site that was used from the Iron age and finished in Roman times.Its badly fragmented but i am slowly getting it back together.
Regards Bruce


It is around 4,4 cm long (but bent) and the widest diameter is around 1,1 - 1,3 cm.
It is missing the tip / point as the dental enamel has broken off.