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wavy/ bumpy pattern on cementum (outlined on the right)

bovid tooth from a neolithic site in eastern Germany

Is anyone able to help me identify this bone, please?
It derives from Late Bronze/Early Iron Age deposits at a site in Greece.
Many thanks in advance.

I need help for the identification of this mandible of bird. Comes from the north of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Any idea of what could be?

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I need help to identify this mammal atlas,
I'm not sure if it is a domestic pig.

Fish vertebra from a nineteenth-century European site in southern Ontario.

From a upper paleolithic context, I have this tooth which looks a decidual one, as the root is very thin and it´s not close. I thought it could belong to a big cat suach as Panthera pardus or Panthera spelaea.

Any idea to distinguish decidual…

Dear all,

I study the fauna of a medieval/modern site in France (La Rochelle) and I found a rather large fish vertebra. I have no collection or manual available to identify the specie. I know that vertebrae aren't the easier bones to determine but…

Bird tarsometatarsus, Southwestern Kazakhstan, Iron Age
Passeriformes? The trochlae are small and level