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This is a preliminary call for papers for a proposed session entitled: Zooarchaeology in the Pacific Islands, to be presented at the 12th ICAZ International Conference, taking place September 22 -27, 2014 in San Rafael, Argentina. Topics may include…

I need help for the identification of this third phalanx. It provide from a roman assemblage in France.

This bone is 36" long.
Seems to be petrified at some level...very, very heavy.

Radius bone for whale flipper?

Something other than a whale?

It's huge!

Any comments on the teeth wear of this sheep/goat from a Midlands site please?

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the pictures of a kind of mammal which I have found in Xizhushan Site, Dalian Cith, China. Who can help me to identify the species? Maybe, it is the sea lion?

Answer (from ZOOARCH community): Yes, this is a sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus)

Hello Folks!

I have a mystery bone.

This was found in Møre og Romsdal Norway from a neolithic site. So this was a shore bound site on the westcoast of Norway.

It's fish possibly from the ray and skate family (just a guess!)? The…