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Hello, looking for some help identifying the pathology evidence (almost appears to be a honeycomb pattern), present on this calcaneum?

Thanks in advance,

A colleague needs help figuring out what might have caused the extra bone growth. Is it some form of osteoperiostitis?

Photo names describe the view shown.

Dear Zooarch,

This is a Lynx lynx phalanx from the Mesolithic site of Vlasac in the Danube Gorges. Could someone help me identify the nature of the pathology (perhaps trauma?) on the proximal epiphysis?

Thank you in advance!

This image shows a view of the medial side of a mature cattle metatarsal. I suspect the marking seen here may be pathological as I have read somewhere about striations being caused by heavy workloads. I haven't, however, seen any comparable images so…

I would like to ask for your help identifying what seems to me a pathological condition at the distal end of a sheep-goat tibia. It looks like if the cortical surface of the bone has been lost, but I have never seen something like that. I hope you…