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Hello, looking for some help identifying the pathology evidence (almost appears to be a honeycomb pattern), present on this calcaneum?

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I need help to identify the type of bone and if possible family or species.
These bones were recovered from an archaeological site on the Atlantic coast, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

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This bones were found by a guy while digging in his garden.. He popped in at the Department asking us to identify them.

We tried and we came out with two possibilities: teeth but we couldn't find anything convincingly similar in our reference…

Dear Zooarch,

Does anyone can help me in the identification of these roman faunal remains?
I was wondering if they are spines from sea urchins (paracentrotus lividus).

I would very much appreciate any thoughts!
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Hi Zooarchaeologists,

In the course of my dissertation research, I have come across three mystery fish species / bones. I have figured out the element, but I cannot figure out the species. I am unable to find a match in my available comparative…

From a Late Pleistocene site in Europe. Appears to be the root of an incisor which we think is likely Bison (large bovid, but the others from the site are Bison). Has anyone seen lines like this before? We are trying to determine if they are…

The message and pictures below are on behalf of a colleague (Akshyeta Suryanarayan)

My dissertation is focused on micromorphology and geochemical analyses of soil to understand the degree of preservation of the organics in the deposits of Must…

Can anyone help ID these two bones from a well in Colonial Sydney. Marine????? All help appreciated!

Dear colleagues,

A round table 'The future of Archaeozoology in Southwest Asia and adjacent areas' will be held on the last day of the ASWA meeting at Groningen, Friday the 12th of June 2015, 3-5 pm.
Therefore and in order to evaluate the…