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my 6 year old son recently found this bone on the beach in Co Kerry, Ireland. We were hoping that you might be able to assist us in identifying what whale it is from?
As he is a budding paleontologist he is very excited to find out.


Dear Zooarch,

Does anyone can help me in the identification of these roman faunal remains?
I was wondering if they are spines from sea urchins (paracentrotus lividus).

I would very much appreciate any thoughts!
Thank you,


Molecular species identifications disagree with morphological determinations.

Note: Rebuttals to this paper are forthcoming in Southern African Humanities. I will provide them here when they have been published.

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Molecular analyses revise morphological species identifications at Sehonghong Rock Shelter, Lesotho

Hi Zooarchaeologists,

In the course of my dissertation research, I have come across three mystery fish species / bones. I have figured out the element, but I cannot figure out the species. I am unable to find a match in my available comparative…

This is an archived version of the live 'Demographcis in Zooarchaeology Survey' which was hosted on Google forms from January-March 2014. Questions 1-14 were first published and summarized by Diane Gifford Gonzalez in 1993 and 1994 (Gifford-Gonzalez,…