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round table 'The future of Archaeozoology in Southwest Asia and adjacent areas' will be held on the last day of the ASWA meeting at Groningen, Friday the 12th of June 20153-5 pm.  

Therefore and in order to evaluate the archaeozoology development in Southwest Asia and adjacent areas, we are conducting a survey. It aims to estimate the number of specialists working on the region and to provide a listing of archaeozoologists of SWA. All these data will be collected and presented during the round table at ASWA 2015 meeting in order to enhance researcher visibility and encourage collaboration between scholars. The result of this survey will be accessible for everyone on the ASWA website

We are inviting you to fill the  survey (3 mintues) regarding an assessment of specialists involved in the archaeozoology of southwest Asia and adjacent areas. Take part of the ASWA community and share your research interest with your colleagues. 

The program of ASWA 2015 is now published on ASWA website.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Jwana Chahoud


Jwana Chahoud


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