Assistance with identification? (4 photos)

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Assistance with identification? (4 photos)


The message and pictures below are on behalf of a colleague (Akshyeta Suryanarayan)

My dissertation is focused on micromorphology and geochemical analyses of soil to understand the degree of preservation of the organics in the deposits of Must Farm, East of England. I am also working on doing some light microscopy and SEM/EDS analysis of charred encrustations found in the pots in one of the deposits. I have spotted some small bones within the charred pottery residues, and was hoping to get some assistance with one bone's identification as it looks particularly distinctive. Any leads or suggestions will be much appreciated.

Thank you!


Pia Spry-Marques


Akshyeta Suryanarayan


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Pia Spry-Marques. "Assistance with identification? (4 photos)," in BoneCommons, Item #1982, (accessed July 5, 2020).


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