3D digital Microscope: a new tool for taphonomic analysis

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  • 3D digital Microscope: a new tool for taphonomic analysis

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3D digital Microscope: a new tool for taphonomic analysis


S7-1. New perspectives on taphonomy, poster



Microscopes analyses represent powerful tools for taphonomy. The aims of a lot of studies are to distinguish several kinds of marks on the bone surfaces. In this work we propose an innovative technological instrument for these observations: a 3D digital Microscope. One of the most important options of this tool is the AMF (Auto Multi Focus) 3D Function, which create a rotating 3D image of the bone surface. This consents to bring into focus the whole section of marks, observing their shape from several points of view, and taking, in relative brief time, a wide quantity of measurements (e. g. depth, breath, angles). Metrical parameters developed and implemented in this study will represent objective criteria which can be processed through statistical methodologies. The potentiality of this technology was used to observe cut marks produced during several butchery experiments using both stone and metal tools. The obtained records will constitute a database useful to distinguish the nature of several marks finding in faunal remains coming from archaeological contexts.


BOSCHIN Francesco and CREZZINI Jacopo


Università di Siena, Dipartimento di Scienze Ambientali - U.R. Ecologia Preistorica. Via Tommaso Pendola 62 53100 Siena, Italy. fboschin@hotmail.com; crezzini@unisi.it


Boschin, Francesco
Crezzini, Jacopo


August 2010

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Boschin, Francesco and Crezzini, Jacopo. "3D digital Microscope: a new tool for taphonomic analysis ," in BoneCommons, Item #993, http://alexandriaarchive.org/bonecommons/items/show/993 (accessed August 7, 2020).


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