International Council
for Archaeozoology


ICAZ is committed to making available to the public the formal policies that govern its activities and annual reporting on its activities.

Statutes of ICAZ

The ICAZ Statutes were developed and adopted in 1976 during the first official meeting of the ICAZ International Committee. The meeting took place in September 1976 at the 9th Congress of the International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences (UISPP) in Nice, France. These statutes have since been amended, first in 1989 and again in 1997, 2002 and 2014. Read the Statues of ICAZ.

Professional Protocols

In September, 2008 the Task Force proposed to the Executive Committee and International Committee of ICAZ a statement of professional standards and best practices that takes the form of an ethical statement and guidelines to support the members rather than as mandates for members or for governing or supervisory agencies. These recommendations are actions that most of archaeozoologists can implement in their own conduct, regardless of working conditions. After an open comment period, these professional protocols were adopted by ICAZ on August 29, 2009. Read the Professional Protocols.

Privacy Policy

In 2013, the ICAZ Executive Committee approved a Privacy Policy, which details how ICAZ uses, and limits access to, personal information about ICAZ members in the membership database.

Health and Safety Guidelines

The Health and Safety page contains a partial list of some commonly encountered risks related to handling animal remains. Members are invited to add country/regional sources that complement the information provided on this page.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the governing committees of ICAZ are posted after every meeting. View a list of these documents.