The Alexandria Archive Institute enhances scholarship through use of the Open Web. Our research and development efforts aim to increase the breadth and depth of scholarship in archaeology and related fields, in order to improve understanding and see wider participation in discovery.

Our Vision

The Alexandria Archive Institute will lead the research community in developing accessible, reliable, comprehensive, and open access scholarly resources. We will help transform these data into knowledge, making them valuable and relevant for students and scholars worldwide.

What We Value

The Alexandria Archive Institute’s guiding values help determine our actions. We work to uphold the following values and principles:

  • We support universal accessibility to scholarship.
  • We are committed to the development of new research and educational tools to promote scholarship in the humanities and social sciences.
  • We promote the development of authoritative scholarly resources that are reliable, comprehensive, and open.
  • We strive to promote an open dialogue in developing standards in the collection, dissemination, and storage of research data.
  • We are committed to fostering cooperation with organizations that share our vision.
  • We acknowledge that the work we are doing is one element of a vast network of organizations and individuals with a common purpose. We strive to both learn from and enrich this complex ecosystem.