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9th Bird Working Group Meeting

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9th Bird Working Group Meeting

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Birds have played a prominent role in human history; people have relied on birds for their subsistence but have also been interested and fascinated by them. In the imagination of human communities flight has often led to a connection between birds and the spiritual world. Birds have been associated with dawn and rebirth, courage, and victory in battle. Migrant birds, for instance, have been watched and listened by people each year as indicators of seasonal change. Domestic birds have been a valuable source of food, in the form of meat and eggs, but even them are known to have acted as both symbols and companions.

The ICAZ Bird Working Group (BWG), originally founded in 1991, is composed of zooarchaeologists, archaeologists, palaeontologists and zoologists interested in past human-bird interactions. The diversity of the members’ background guarantees a broad and multidisciplinary approach to this topic.

The 9th Bird Working Group Meeting, The archaeology of human-bird interactions. A conference in honour of Dale Serjeantson, will take place at the University of Sheffield (UK) from the 8th to the 11th of June, 2018. The meeting is organized in honour of Dale Serjeantson, who has contributed hugely to the development of archaeo-ornithology.

As in the tradition of this working group, there is no specific theme for the conference. Any contribution to the history of human-bird interactions is welcome.

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