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BWG2018 Bursary Application Form


The BWG is pleased to offer bursaries to conference participants. Historic England has generously provided a conference fund to cover registration fees, travel and/or accommodation costs for participants with limited access to other financial assistance. This funding is available for zooarchaeologists working on UK material. Priority will be given to those working in a professional capacity as employed, self-employed or unemployed specialists but without employer’s/other financial support for attendance, to postdoctoral researchers, and to early career specialists in particular.

The application form can be downloaded below. The deadline for bursary application is May 7th, 2018.

In principle, payments will be made following conference participation and conditional on submission of expenses receipts and a report by the applicant about their experience of the conference (in cases of financial hardship, arrangement can be made to provide funds ahead of the conference).

The applicant reports will be included in the End of Project report (conference summary) to Historic England. Further details about the applicant report will be sent with confirmation of the award.

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