What We Do

Open Context

Open Context LogoOpen Context is the Web-based publishing platform we developed for archaeology and related fields. Its technologies focus on ease of use, open licensing, data integration and, most importantly, data portability. Find out more about Open Context or contact us about publishing your data.

Technology Innovation

globe-broadcast-100x100The AAI is a leader in technology innovation. Our work focuses on improving access, understanding, and reuse of research data. To this end, we developed (and continue to refine) Open Context, a data publishing service available free of charge on the Web. (more)


books-100x100Our current research projects include the Secret Life of Data (SLO-data) project, exploring the lifecycle of data from the field to future use; and the DINAA project, a gazetteer of archaeological sites from across North America, which has already resulted in greater understanding of the threats of climate change to coastal archaeological sites. (more)

Advocacy & Leadership

leadership-100x100We believe that data are for discovery and inspiration, not just management. We advocate for this approach in speaking engagements and publications and with prize competitions that encourage others to step up to the challenge of working with data. This work has won wide recognition. (more)

Education & Training

team-100x100We engage in education and training through workshops, lectures, and collaborative research projects with partners around the world. We are also developing an innovative internship program to expand number of people with experience in archaeological data. (more)

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